1. Narendra Damodardas Modi- Nearly three years into his term, he remains the unchallenged no.1. Because under him, the BJP looks unstoppable forcing the opposition to continually lay catch-up. Every key move the Modi government makes- from Surgical Strikes to Demonetization- is done in his name. Under him, the PM office wields almost absolute power, inviting awe and criticism in equal measure. His relentless campaigning fuelled the party’s sweep in UP, setting the stage for 2019. His constant communication underlines the power of his politics.
  2. Amit Shah- He pushes the RSS chief down one rank because he has established himself as the BJP’S trump card despise the criticism over his style of functioning, Shah has proved he is the most effective strategist, weather in UP, Maharashtra or Manipur. He not only led the party to historic victories in UP and Uttarakhand by stitching together a new social coalition, but also choreographed the BJP takeover of Goa and Manipur.
  3. Mohan Bhagwat- Without rocking any boats, like in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee years, he has ensured that the RSS an the BJP government remain instep and in sync. Despite the rebellion in the Goa unit and some ‘swayamsevaks’ carping over tickets in Up and Uttarakhand, Bhagwat’s sang has immerged in the perfect foil to the Modi government.
  4. J S Khehar- With the judiciary and the executive locked in a struggle over delay in appointments to the higher judiciary and a new memorendum of procedure (MoP), the CJI, who heads the collegium that clear the names of judges for high court and the apex court, plays a key role. Besides, he will hear all important PIL’s in the Supreme Court.
  5. Ajit Doval- He is the most important bureaucrat in the Modi government. He has the Prime Minister’s ear on everything from foreign policies and the challenges of terror to negotiations with the Naga Rebels.
  6. Arun Jaitley- The effective No 2 in the Modi Cabinet, Jaitley has the task of steering the economy towards higher growth amid a slowdown resulting from demonetization. With Manohar Parrikar heading to Goa, Jaitley holds additional charge of the crucial defence ministry.
  7. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani- Continues to remain the richest Indian with a net worth of Rs 1,75,400 crore (US $26 billion), according to the Hurun Global Rich List. He is now focusing on his telecom venture. Reliance Jio, which is making aggressive plans in the segment, giving established players such as Airtel a run for their money. The group’s sprawling media ownership is now a role model for other corporates.
  8. Yogi Adityanath- For being the Chief Minister of India’s most populous state, where the BJP and its allies have come to power with a thumping mandate, winning 325 of 403 seats in the assembly elections. A key Hindutva face of the BJP, he surprised nearly everyone by becoming the party’s choice to lead the state government.

Sources- The Indian Express

BY: Anshul Ahuja


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