The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) will do away with the practice of triple talaq in a year-and-a-half,  adding that there was no need for “government interference”.Uttering ‘talaq’ thrice did not amount to divorce and Muslim women has to suffer a lot by this.Gender equality and the dignity of women were non-negotiable and cannot compromise. These rights were necessary not only to realise the aspirations of every woman but also for the larger well-being of the society and nation.”Triple talaq is not an issue. There can be no ‘talaq’ (divorce) just because someone utters talaq, talaq, talaq,”.”Even though it may be true to say that only some women are directly and actually affected by triple talaq+ and polygamy, the fact remains that every woman who is subject to the said law lives under threat, fear or prospect of these practices being invoked against her, which in turn impacts her status, her choices, her conduct and her right to life with dignity.triple-talaq-2

Recently the SC said that they will resolve this matter in the summer vacations and they want to settle this issue .And want to give a clear verdict on this.By this law one can’t discriminate a women because a women have also her rights .And she can’t be disciminated on this basis.So this law should be amended and should give women also equal rights and status in the society.But AIMPLB is saying” this law has came from Quaran. In the Holy Quran as well, it appears that the prevalent or perhaps even rampant practice of polygamy in  pre-Islamic  society was sought to be regulated and restricted so as to treat women better”.So now question remains whether this matter will be resolved soon or not?.And women can also live her life .



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