Does good economics make for good politics? Historically, in India, good economics hasn’t been considered good politics. However, recent experiences in Gujarat, Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh have pushed forward the view that good economics can make for good politics as well. Nevertheless, anecdotes can’t substitute for systematic evidence.
To establish whether good economics makes for good politics in general in India, one needs to examine the evidence across several electoral cycles that span high and low growth periods. Moreover, with a voting population that contains a significant proportion of illiterate voters, a related question that arises is: Does the positive effect of growth on re-election pros-pects hold only in states where the population of literate voters is high? Since literate voters are more likely to be aware of the state of the economy, the effect of good economics on good politics needs to be viewed through this prism.

There is a prevalent saying in India that good economics cannot result in good politics. However, the concept was challenged by our respected PM Narendra Modi back in 2012 when he won his third mandate as CM of Gujarat. He stated it as the end of the traditional narrative. From thereon, he has come a long way to become India’s PM. Do you think the old tourism of India can ever be replaced? Can Good economics result in good politics? Well yes till now. Let’s see what happens next!

By: Tanushree Raina


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