Series of Failures

“Many platforms with ever increasing promises on the run

Displacing agenda’s is a common thing, work remains undone”

Digitalization of India emerged as a big dream to change the face of India in every possible manner be it the financial, economic or the social state. The motto behind introducing varied number of mobile applications like “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”, GARV etc. which was to give a new direction to the citizens of India in stepping up and helping themselves out.

Many Government Initiatives came into existence ever since including a mobile application called MyGov an innovative citizen engagement platform for direct participation of the citizens in the governance, also providing a way to channelize ideas and views with one another. It’s when a series of other initiatives came into existence some of which failed terribly in terms of their understanding and regulations.

“Bharat Interface for Money”, BHIM arrived as the New Year eve’s gift to the entire nation to enjoy the new pace of digital payments and sadly citizens are yet to understand its functioning. Well, it feels bad the Govt. introduced such a useful mobile app for the betterment of the society wish they’d forwarded its user manual too.

On the periphery we’ve got “United Payments Interface”, UPI that merges several bank accounts into one mobile application to access all your transactions at one place. Genius minds never lies; both the applications have their own density of importance but a question?

UPI is the platform while BHIM is a separate mobile wallet app like Paytm, Freecharge and others. The UPI has been more active over the introduction of new schemes and easier ways to access all the transactions.
People, citizens of India do they feel the same?

Why are we not letting them adapt with the present technology before introducing other complicated deals to them?

Why is the Govt. shooting the bullets over their shoulders, where’s the need of confusing them with their completely confused agenda’s?




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