Prakash Singh Badal declines CM’s offer!!

Out of power after helming Punjab as Chief Minister for 10 years since 2007, Parkash Singh Badal is in a house-hunting mode nowadays. On Sunday, he “politely” declined the new Congress government’s offer of free government accommodation in the state capital Chandigarh. The Amarinder Singh government had offered a suitable bungalow in the City Beautiful to Badal, a five-time Chief Minister of Punjab. Badal said: “I am thankful to Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for his gracious gesture. It is very graceful of him to make this offer. But I am making my own arrangements for stay. I value his sentiment highly and fully reciprocate it”.


Mr Badal, the country’s oldest serving Chief Minister till his party was decimated in the electoral battle, did not attend the swearing in of the new Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on March 16.SAD doesn’t believe in confrontation nor in criticism for the sake of criticism .Badal also said that he wants Congress to fulfill their promises not only the drugs issues but also the  issues  related to farmers debt, pension scheme and Shagun scheme.Nobody knows why he had done this. May be it is the stragegy of the Badal to attarct the people interest which may politically influence the punjab people.




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