What are the political issues of India?

There is not actually one but there are many issues which are creating so maany problems.

COMMUNAL PROBLEMS- One major issue. We come across listening to slogans of hindus and muslims raised against each other. The list includes many examples like RAM MANDIR ISSUE I RIOTS OF MUZAFFARNAGAR, IKLAKH DADRI CASE OVER BEEF, caste issues, tiff always going on between HINDUS and MUSLIMS over certain trivial issues sometimes. Political parties takes advantage of this divide , win the election and live in highlights for another 5 years.
PAKISTAN- BOMBARDMENT attacks from their side, fight over KASHMIR, certain millitary men dying on the border frequently due to these attacks. Recent example is of Actors from Pakistan to be allowed for working in BOLLYWOOD or not. Social media always floooded with comments but no action.

TIFF BETWEEN THE OPPONENT PARTIES- Best example can be seen in case of New Delhi right now. MR. ARVIND KEJRIWAL on one side and MR. MODI on the other side. Will never try to come to a conclusion fro the welfare of people but will always keep on pulling down each other. Another is recent case of JNU in which Kanhiya Kumar was held for sedition charges.
CORRUPTION, BLACK MONEY- Another very major issue. Due to this common man has to suffer. Only 3% of the population pays income tax and rest 97% enjoys on their income. Therefore, a major factor responsible for poverty in INDIA.
Exmaple of corruption- If you apply for a passport there is a police verification for your details. And they ask you to pay them back as without their verification your passport won’t be approved. If you don’t pay you need to apply again and they will again reject your application. This process goes on. Is it really required? That’s a big question and we need to have a solution for this.And if it will keep on going, our country will never be free from corruption.

INFLATION- Politics between parties leads to rise in prices of different products, another suffering factor for a common man. The raw material produced keeps on spoiling inside the godown, therefore prices increases. If this does not happen, each and every individual can get two portions of meals every day and this will eradicate poverty.
SEXUAL ASSAULT, MURDERS- These are not the political issues but once they happens, they become a major political disccusions among the people. Example: NIRBHAYA CASE, DECEMBER 2012: JUSTICE DENIED due to slow court proceedings. No Justice till yet. Several debates are held on TV, Radio among the political parties but in the end the result is void.
Political parties rather than supporting the victim’s family try to provide them with all wealth, job offers, education money, etc.( Recent example: BULANDSHAR RAPE CASE). But they don’t fight for their justice. Instead each party try to give different amount. Persons from political parties keeps on giving statements such that victim is held responsible for the assault.

No offence against anyone. Neither I’m trying to blame any particular political party or community nor I’m agaisnt any community I think it is just that we become ignorant at the time of elections.


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