And the nation miss Mr. Arnab Goswami

With all the political chaos happening in last 5 months, from Tamil Nadu’s CM rift to Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath now people are eager to hear Arnab’s view on all this. The Nation wants to know when will he come back with his channel The Republic. It was 1 November 2016 when the Indian media was stunned by the unexpected resignation of Arnab Goswami from Times Now. The face of the Indian media (and so did the ratings of Times Now) chnaged drastically after his exit, and one cannot deny that we do miss him on television. Whether it was for the daily dose of laughter or for hearing what the nation wanted to know, the reasons for missing him can be never-ending.52b064b1-c43c-4856-8320-d34e3e66d7f9As a tribute to Arnab Goswami and an appeal for him to be back on television, the EIC sang a song urging his comeback on television. Yes, that just happened! With tears in their eyes, the team of EIC described what a phenomenon Arnab was through the classic Titanic song My heart will go on.

The nation surely wants to know when will we get to see Mr Goswami again on television.


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