By Manisha

Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Bill, 2017 passed in Lok Sabha. Union minister of Water Resources Uma Bharti introduced the Bill and called it a “revolutionary step” towards the resolution of Inter-State River Water Disputes.

There have been numerous water disputes be it SYL (Satluj Yamuna Link), Cauvery Dispute, Indus Water Dispute etc, the government has come up with a solution for all these disputes. The solution being the Bill, giving details of the Bill there is a single standing tribunal (with multiple benches) instead of existing multiple tribunals, which shall consist of one chairperson along with a vice chairperson and a team of 6 members. 

Bill provides for:

  • Appointment of assessors for technical support.
  • Four and a half year will be the time limit for solving the dispute.
  • The decision of the tribunal shall be final and binding with no requirement of publication in the official Gazette.
  • Dispute Resolution Committee (DRC) to resolve the dispute amicably by negotiations, before such dispute is referred to the tribunal.
  • Transparent data collection system at the national level for each river basin and for this purpose, an agency to maintain to maintain the data bank.

The Inter-State River Water Dispute (Amendment) Bill, 2017 proposes to streamline the adjudication of inter-state river disputes and make the present legal and institutional architecture robust.    


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