AAP- the Rising Star of Punjab

The main reason behind AAP’s rise in Punjab is the desperate need of people for a positive change. The Akali government has transformed from a democratic party to a dynastic party. There is a lot of unhappiness, chaos and a plethora of issues faced by the common man. The dearth of jobs for the youth is forcing them out of their homes and state for a better future. The incident of desecration and the guilty were not caught that angered people. Drug menace, which is one of the most, talked issue of Punjab while campaigning by many parties, also act as a sore spot. Demonetisation has affected every section of the society whether lower, upper or middle class. People of Punjab go as far as to say that they have nothing to lose so why not chose AAP as they have test-tried both Congress and SAD-BJP government. Another push toward AAP came as Congress wss too late to declare Captain Amarinder Singh as the CM candidate. AAP has strong influence over rural and remote areas of Punjab and people seem to trust Arwind Kejriwal over the available options.images


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