LOTUS blossoms in Uttar Pradesh

By Manisha

Flags high in Uttar pradesh

After 14 years of exile Shree Ram ji returned to Ayodhya just like that BJP has also ended its 14 year exile and stormed back to power in Uttar Pradesh with a landslide victory. BJP got an unprecedented three-fourth majority, bagging 325 out of 403 seats. The election results of the 4 states out of 5 define a new political moment. It stamps Modi’s supremacy in BJP and clearly states that effect of Modi wave is still there in the hearts of people.

What does this victory indicate? Firstly it indicates the utmost trust of people of India on PM Modi. Despite of the hard decisions the people still stand with him. It is not simply his own charisma- this connect flows from an abiding belief that what PM says he do’s the same. The election results are the feedback of PM’s work.

The voters in UP has risen above the grounds of caste centric voting and favouritism. They have voted for development. They have not voted for BJP, they have voted for PM Modi and his work. The people have rejected negative politics. BJP triumph in UP is the victory of hope and aspiration.


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