AADHAAR CARD-Beneficial or not?

By Manisha


Government has linked Aadhaar to school midday meals, among several other schemes. On the other hand Supreme Court has passed interim orders saying that Aadhaar is not mandatory. Then why is card a matter of debate? Why social activists are opposing for using Aadhaar? Why govt is in favour of Aadhaar? What are the advantages and disadvantages if Aadhaar became mandatory?

Government believes that every nation should have one card that acts their identity card and aadhaar card can serve the purpose of that ID card but civil society groups, activists and opposition parties oppose it because till now the SC has only passed interim orders regarding aadhaar and has said that aadhaar is not mandatory. The matter of debate is the legal status of aadhaar card.


  • Aadhaar card is used as a major document of proof in various govt run schemes. E.G midday meal, Jan Dhan Yojana  etc
  • It’s easy for a aadhaar card holder to open a bank account.
  • Direct benefit transfer-Aadhaar linked bank accounts will get their set of LPG subsidy directly accredited in the bank account. Monthly pension will be also credited in the aadhaar linked accounts.
  • Aadhaar card will relieve you the lengthy procedure while obtaining passport.
  • Aadhaar card recognize the identity of transgender giving them equal rights.



  • Foreign handling of data as aadhaar project is being handled by private companies.
  • Problems arising due to centralization.
  • Individual information may be compromised.
  • Misuse in banking transactions.

The decision of whether aadhaar card should be mandatory or not must be taken by the citizens of country according to me. The govt and SC must hear to the citizens.


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