What are the reasons for AAP’s loss in Punjab?

aappIn Punjab, after the sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib the Sikh votes shifted from Akali to AAP and less for Congress. The AAP has always been raising this issue of sacrilege, drug issues again and again and doing religious based politics saying that Akali’s are doing sacrilege of Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.. AKALI’S AND AAP BOTH RAISED ISSUE OF 1984 GENOCIDE TO GRAB VOTES.
Now to why AAP lost? I will just be honest I don’t support any party.
Punjab has 58% Sikhs roughly and 38% or approximately 40%Hindus and Hindu vote shifted from Bhajpa-Akali to Congress with high migrations from Bihar, UP as they are settling by getting property and all Bihari are born Congressi in Punjab they support Congress.
Most of Sikhs I know voted for AAP in villages, cities of Punjab and there was no way Congress or Akali could even make near to them as thought but we see the whole Punjab not only Sikhs as the Hindu vote shifted to Congress as they are always anti-aap. AAP has also many Khalistani supporters in party. This all case was of Hindu vote or Muslim vote which went to Congress in Punjab.

1. Media is responsible as there are too many fake propagations and anti-aap channels.We talk of paid media and it is true media can’t be fair or honest.
2. Could be a conspiracy between both close relatives Captain and Badal that we won’t let AAP come in power as both are seen together in party functions so could be case of fake voting.
3. Bhagwant Manns drunkard behavior and paid media leaves no chance to highlight AAP’s deficiency as compared with Majithia.
4. Sidhu an opportunist (first BJP, then Awaaz A Punjab and then Congress) could be reason for win of Congress.. He has huge following among masses and was face of Congress someone like Rahul Gandhi would have been humiliated as he has zero politics knowledge and less oration speech ability.


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