By:Ashish Malik

The uttar pradesh assembly election is in its last lap with just seventh phase remaining to go but the battle for votes in the state has turned ugly as the leaders of three big political parties entered the war of words and took bitter jibes against each other during campaigning. In bihar elections we saw different kind of weapon used by leaders with distorting abbreviations of the party names.Back in 2015, it was all started when PM Modi said JD(U) stands Janta Ka Daman ur Utpidan party. Even after two years of Bihar elections the use of acronyms by politicians is still in trend.

In the ongoing elections, Pm modi asked the people to rid from SCAM- Samajwadi, Congress, Akhilesh and Mayawati. CM Akhilesh Yadav said SCAM stands for Save Country from Amit Shah and Modi whereas according to Rahul Gandhi SCAM was Service, Courage, Ability and Modesty.

BJP cheif Amit Shah took jibe on rivals by calling them KASAB. Shah said,Until UP gets rid of KASAB, there will be no development in the state. KA(HINDI) is for Congress, SA for Samajwadi party and B for BSP. While according to the Dimple Yadav KASAB means Computers(Kamputer in hindi), Smartphone and Bheno ke liye dher sari yojnaye.

In a political rally in Jalaun, Modi mocking Mayawati’s opposition to note ban, said the BSP is no longer Bahujan Samaj Party but Behenji Sampatti Party. In reply to Modi’s comment on BSP, Mayawati said,the PM has compelled me to define Narendra Damodardas Modi as “Mr. Negative Dalit Man”.

RJD chief Lalu Yadav too joined the war of acronyms in Uttar Pradesh. While addressing a rally in Ballia he said, BJP stands for Bharat Jalao Party.

In the war of words, where every party is coming up with their own vocabulary it is possible that their might be new acronyms and name calling in future but its is really unfortunate that political leaders are busy in accusing each other with acronyms instead of talking about development of the state.It might have shown the new vocabulary of politicians but it has also displayed their limited vision


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