Who Will Run the Richest Civic Body ?

By: Rajat

Mumbai’s people still don’t know that who would rule them  ? . A day after the BMC polls threw up a fractured verdict, senior BJP leader Nitin Gadkari today said there is “no option” for his party and Shiv- Sena than joining hands for control of the Mumbai civic body The media and BJP leaders are not tired of furnishing statistics to claim that the party has made a vertical gain. None will deny. But ought to not to forget that statistics never reflect the politically correct ground realities. The biggest contribution to the BJP victory was from the MNS of Raj Thackeray. His targeting the non-Marathis and brutally thrashing them made these migrants flock to the BJP for protection. The meek surrender of the Congress to the Raj’s dictates make them sure of the fact that the Congress leadership was a bunch of guinea pigs who lacked courage to stand to the atrocities perpetrated by Raj’s goons and musclemen. The election results manifest that while Sena victory represented the aspirations of the Marathi manus, the BJP imbibes the faith of the non-Marathis, especially the migrants from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other northern states. True enough this is the continuation of 2014 election trend. Traditionally the north Indian people in Mumbai were the supporters of the Congress.After Mayor’s election we’ll get  to know who will run the richest civic body of the country.















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