India condemns terror attack in Kabul!

By Raj Birinder Singh Malik

On March 2, India gave its response saying that they condemn the twin terror attack in Kabul on march 1 2017 which resulted in death of more than a dozen people. They further stated that they are giving their heartfelt condolences to the people and the government of Afghanistan for the loss of lives and property.

Ministry of External Affairs said that India has been a victim of terrorist violence so they understand the pain and suffering of people of Afghanistan and they are going to strengthened their resolve and work with Afghanistan to bring the perpetrators of terrorist violence to justice they deserve.


Smoke rises from an Afghan Police Precinct on March 1 (AFP Photo)

On March 1, Afghan capital, Kabul, was attacked by Taliban suicide bombers. Terrorist fitted explosive devices in cars and detonated them. one of the two cars were detonated near police precinct in western Kabul and other car was detonated on the gate of Afghan Intelligence Agency branch in eastern Kabul. 16 people have been killed and 44 people are heavily wounded in these two attacks.


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