Scenerio of Presidential election for BJP



With pranab mukherjee’s term as president of India is ending in july 2017, there is already much talk about who will be the next president. Many names are coming up but the picture is still not clear. In both houses of parliament, the BJP and its allies have more MPs than Congress and BJP is ruling in 12 states. But that’s might not be enough for an NDA candidate to become the next president of India.

How president is elected?
According to the electoral process to pick a president, all elected MPs and MLAs have to cast their votes. Each vote also have a weightage depanding on the size of the population he or she represents. MPs have the highest value-708 for each vote while the value of an MLA’s vote depends on the population of the state.Which means that UP, the most populous state has highest weightage. The value of UP MLA’s vote 208 is the highest while sikkim has the lowest value of 8.

What will be the impact of assembly polls 2017?
The five states-UP,Goa,Uttarakhand,Punjab and Manipur together have 1,03,756 votes. The NDA, as on date doesn’t have the numbers to get own president but they need 75,000 more votes to win the prestigous election. So the results UP polls will decide where the BJP stands in terms of the presidential race.

Role of other parties in electing President?
At present, the BJP is short by 1,71,000 votes which means that it is impossible to elect its own candidate without any support. So they need support of their allies in presidential election because in past NDA has seen a split in its ranks when it came to voting for a new president.And Many parties are trying to create hurdles in the BJP’s path to pitch its Candidate. The DMK, TMC, RJD and JDU are already lobbying against BJP and could forge an alliance with the congress. So BJP needs support for their allies as well as good results in the state assembly polls to see an BJP candidate as the next president of India.


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