Modi slams Congress

By Karan Arora

As the assembly election in Manipur will be held in two phases March 4 and March 8 and it was Modi’s 1st rally in Manipur.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25th feb, 2017 blamed Manipur’s Congress Government for not taking the necessary steps to end the economic blockade that has crippled the north-eastern state in 15 months.

The UNC maintains that the creation of the districts will hamper the interests of the Naga ethnic group members, while state authorities say that the new districts were created for better administrative convenience.

PM dismissed the allegations that the August 2015 agreement between Centre and NSCN (IM) might affect Manipur’s territorial integrity.

Addressing a rally in Imphal in poll-bound Manipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lashed out at the Congress for the lack of development and said that if his party came in power they will bring development to the state within 15 months which the congress could not achive in 15 years. Modi accused the congress of having ruined the state completely, adding that such a party had no right to govern Manipur.

Modi also attacked the Congress for ‘ruining’ the state by not providing jobs on the basis of merit. He said jobs were categorised on the basis of ‘rates’ of bribes required to be paid to get a post. “Every job right from teacher to cook has different rates (of bribes.

He said that congress has looted the country and he ensures that they won’t go unpunished.

As we all know that Manipur is living under the governorship of congress and Regional Parties since 70 years. Since last 3 years Modi had played a key role in Manipur and created a option for Manipuri people . So, congress has to work hard to maintain their pride and dignity.



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