On 5 December 2016, the hospital officially announced her death. After her death , O Paneer selvam the loyalist of Jayalalitha was sworn as the next CM of Tamil Nadu. OPS stated that he was compelled to resign because a total of 115 MLA’S were supporting SASIKALA to be the next CM of Tamil Nadu. Sasikala was not  being appointed as the CM of Tamil Nadu because three cases were filled against her.


The Supreme Court sent her to prison for four years in a two-decade-old corruption case and prompting her to name Palaniswami as her successor.

After a lot of drama, protests and violence, E PalaniswamI has finally won the vote of confidence as 122 out of 133 MLAs present in the Assembly voted in favour of the newly elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu while just 11 members voted against him. The voting was supervised by the TN Assembly speaker P Dhanapal who continued with the proceedings even after the CONGRESS and IUML MLAs walked out of the house after the DMK members were expelled and the working Party President MK Stalin was evicted from the assembly.

SASIKALA would wield the remote control with a proxy heading the government. Palaniswami is now the successor of Sasikala and who might work as her puppet. It is said to believe that Sasikala will now work from behind the bars.

What all do the public think about this ?



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