By Manisha

The SC on 22 February stuck to its earlier verdict that the construction of Satluj-Yamuna link (SYL) has to be executed. The legal and political quarrel over construction of SYL canal is fast turning into a ticking bomb. To solve the issue will be the first test of the next Punjab government, for now the issue has raised problems for present Punjab and Haryana government.

INLD workers protesting at Shambu barrier

Though SYL issue has put life back in Indian National Lok Dal cadre and party also tried to make out best from the situation. INLD mobilised their workers to dig SYL canal on Punjab side Though they didn’t succeeded in their attempt but there were speculations of violent protest so both Punjab and Haryana government deployed their police forces for ensuring a silent protest. Rajpura-Ambala highway was blocked; no one was allowed to use that highway. All the party workers protested at Shambu barrier .Later Abhay Chautala himself got arrested leaving the protesters without any leadership.

Parties like Congress also tried to use the opportunity. Haryana former CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda called the attempt staged to gain publicity. Mocking the INLD over the march, Hooda said Abhay Singh Chautala went for digging canal, but dug a road and that proved it was nothing more than a drama.

Every politician has their own theory on SYL issue. It is very hard for the public who should they believe. It is rightly said that third world war will be fought for water but in Punjab and Haryana water has become a ticket for winning elections and has erupted a Political war. Every party is trying their level best to use the opportunity but has forgotten about the public for whom they work.


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