NRIs: Whose Trumpcard

By Manisha

‘Chalo Punjab’ a veritable call to all the NRIs , somehow triggered the voters of Punjab.  As in the past  one year, not only NRIs extended their support to the three major parties fray-the congress, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and SAD but did they supported all the three parties??

The top leaders of all the parties have also travelled abroad in last one year to get NRIs on their side. The result of their hardwork will be out on 11 March 2017.But it seemed like that this time the NRIs had came to support AAP, however some part of the diasporas also supports congress but majority of them came in favour of AAP. They not only supported AAP in election campaign but also provided financial aid to the party.


There are various reasons for the NRIs to become the Ace of AAP. Their long stints in power are precisely why a large segment of   Punjabi  diaspora  blames congress and Akali’s  for its home state’s woes. They believe that AAP party will terminate the bipolar nature of Punjab politics. For them AAP is the new option that will improve the situation of Punjab.AAP will end the mafia rule in the state. The NRIs has still their roots in Punjab that is why they are worried for the development of the state.  Moreover their land issues are also a reason for shifting towards AAP. The election result will clear the image that NRIs were whose trumpcard.


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