Is Election Commission too busy/lazy to update its website

After the recently concluded polls in the state of Punjab (Before Repolling at 48 polling stations), nearly all major media houses stated the polling in the state as 78.6% , and  to verify the attendance of voters we checked out the percentage on the official website of Election Commission of Punjab and to everyone’s surprise it was marked  75% there without any mention that when was the website last updated.

Polling Percentage till 9th feb – 75%  |  Photo Courtesy – Election Commission Website

The Confusion lasted for more than 3 days, and the status of polling percentage was only changed after a group of students reached out to the Election Commission via Phone call and Email. Initially, the representative of EC denied the fact that the information is wrong, but after the re-polling took place at 48 stations it was updated to 77.36% which is the final polling percentage everywhere.

New Percentage 77.36% (Updated after 10th Feb) | Photo Courtesy – Election Commission

Now the only question is, that is Election Commission ready to make such big mistakes in the era where we depend a lot on the New Media source of Information. This blunder definitely puts the credibility of Election Commission in question because the difference of more than 3% isn’t a small mark and can change the whole contest in the state where the Elections are already so interesting.


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