Print Journalism bowls a googly to whom?

With never ending drift in Print Journalism, many newspapers consciously or unconsciously land up talking about a particular party or a matter. Keeping the trend in mind, I analysed two leading newspapers of India, covering the present political movement in the state of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. The observation happened before the polls as well as after the polls of Punjab, and the campaigning phase of the state with the biggest number of constituencies of Vidhan Sabha.


Hindustan Times covers a variable trend with talking about pros of one particular party on one day and cons of another, and the trend keeps on changing with every coming day whereas Indian Express thrashes the party directly with the news but on the after poll day of Punjab it ignored all the speculations where most of the news houses covered the direct win of either SAD-BJP and Congress or disappointment of AAP over Election Commission.


Indian Express went ahead and talked about the polling trends and polling percentage in the state. The maturity of the news houses is highly appreciable because it was difficult to identify one paper favoring someone, the mutual respect for everything was the final judgement.


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