Parliament and It’s Working

What is Parliament ?

The Parliament of India is the supreme legislative body of the Republic of India. The Parliament is composed of the President of India and the houses. It is bicameral with two houses: theRajyaSabha(Council of States) and theLokSabha(House of the People).

Rules and Regulations of Ministers of Parliament :-

(i) shall not read any book, newspaper or letter except in connection with the business of the House;

(ii) shall not interrupt any member while speaking by disorderly expression or noises or in any other disorderly manner;

(iii) shall bow to the Chair while entering or leaving the House, and also when taking or leaving his seat;

(iv) shall not pass between the Chair and any member who is speaking;

(v) Shall not leave the House when the Speaker is addressing the House;

(vi) Shall keep to his usual seat while addressing the House;

(vii) Shall maintain silence when not speaking in the House;

(viii) shall not applaud when a stranger enters any of the Galleries, or the Special Box;

(ix) shall not shout slogans in the House;

(x) shall not sit or stand with his back towards the Chair;

(xi) shall not approach the Chair personally in the House. He may send chits to the officers at the Table, if necessary;

(xii) shall not bring or display arms in the House;

(xiii) shall not display flags, emblems or any exhi-bits in the House;

(xiv) shall not distribute within the precincts of Parliament House any literature, questionnaire, pamphlets, press notes, leaflets, etc. not connected with the business of the House;

(xv) shall not place his hat/cap on the desk in the House, bring boards in the Chamber for keeping files or for writing purposes, smoke or enter the House with his coat hanging on the arms;

(xvi) shall not carry walking stick into the House unless permitted by the Speaker on health grounds;

(xvii) shall not tear off documents in the House in protest;

(xviii) shall not bring or play cassette or tape recorder in the House; and

(xix) shall avoid talking or laughing in Lobby loud enough to be heard in the House.

Let us potray the real picture of members of Parliament by having look on some of the cases discussed below

Fight breakouts in Parliamen

  •  BhagwantMaan, the AAP MP from Sangrur, had triggered a controversy in July by live

Streaming the security arrangements at the Parliament House complex on social media

  • LaxmaanSavadi, the Karnataka state Co-operative Minister and CC Patil, the Karnataka WomenAnd child welfare minister have resigned after being caught watching pornography on a mobile Phone during a session of state parliament. Both off them from a morally conservative party
  • In a new low in India parliamentary history, pepper spray was used resulting in hospitalization of three MPs Vinay Kumar Pande, PonnamPrabhakar and BalramNai which was over the introduction of Telangana bill after which 16 Andhra Pradesh MPs were suspended.
  • Jayalalitha Saree was Pulled in Assembly in 1989. Jayalalitha was crying after the incident. As she was the member of Rajya Sabha just as she was leaving, Durai Murgan, a minister in the DMK government Attacked her.




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